Fossil Creek Park

Fossil Creek Community Park is a wonderful park in the southeast part of Fort Collins.  Located on S. Lemay Ave., it’s easy to find and has some great features. In this post I’m going to cover the dog park, skate park and playground.

When you enter from Lemay, there are parking lots to the left and the right.  Parking in the righthand lot provides access to the dog park, skate park and playground.  The dog park is about an acre in size, with a water fountain, bowls for the dogs and plenty of seating for the humans.  There’s a smaller fenced-in area for small or shy dogs.  There’s a double entrance gate where you can unleash your dog before letting him run free.  A short walk from the dog park is the skate park, then the playground.  The playground is dinosaur themed and has hence been dubbed the dinosaur park by my kids.  There’s a giant mammoth that more adventurous kids can climb on, several small toddler-sized climbing structures and some very unique jungle gyms, unlike any I’ve seen before.  There’s a 2 story high slide which can be accessed either by stairs fashioned from rocks or a fantastic rock wall, designed to resemble fossils.

At first glance there appears to be not much seating for parents, however there are plenty of flat rocks that are a great place to sit down.  I do wonder how hot those rocks might get in the heat of the summer sun.  I have two minor complaints about this playground  – not enough swings or picnic tables.  There is one set of baby swings, which contains 3 full bucket swings and 1 high-back swing.  Then there is one set of swings for older kids with 4 sling swings.  When the playground is crowded it can be difficult, if not impossible, for a child to get a swing.  Kids know what precious commodities they are and tend to stay on them as long as possible.  As for picnic tables, at the top of the rock wall is a covered picnic area.  To get to this one must climb stairs, making it not easy to reach or wheelchair accessible.

However I can overlook these small annoyances for the convenience of the layout.  I can take my dog to the dog park while my husband stays with the kids at the playground, and then walk over to meet them when the dog is done playing.  The skate park being located between the playground and the dog park means older kids can skate while the littler ones swing and slide.  The playground is big enough to entertain my kids for a long time, yet not so big that I can’t see them at all times.  I don’t hover when my kids are playing but I like to keep an eye on them.

Fossil Creek Community Park is located at 5821 S. Lemay Ave.
Playground ground covering: Wood chips
Playground water feature: Yes, but it’s located behind the playground.
Handicap accessible:  No
Bathrooms:  Yes, but not within the playground. They are near the tennis courts.

I am not the best photographer, but here are some pictures I took the last time we were at Fossil Creek.

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