NJ vs. CO, part 4

We’ve lived here in Fort Collins for 9 months as of this week, which means it’s time for another edition of differences between my old and new homes.  My list is a lot shorter this time around, which I guess means I’m finally settling in.

When you’ve lived in one place, or at least one state, your whole life, you take some things for granted.  Product brands and stores become like old friends.  So it takes time to get used to buying Oroweat instead of Arnold, not being able to get Sabrett hot dogs, the lack of Dunkin Donuts and White Castle Stores (though you can buy both in the grocery store), and then even things like the grocery stores and warehouse clubs.  I miss BJ’s.  We’re stuck with Sam’s, as the closest Costco is a good 45 minutes away.  One great thing about BJ’s is that they take manufacturer coupons, but also stock many things we’d become accustomed to buying.  And every time we compared their prices to the grocery stores, BJ’s almost always won.  But Sam’s prices aren’t always better than the grocery store and they don’t carry many of the things we’d gotten used to buying in bulk.

There’s just over 2 weeks of school left, and the August to May school year is definitely something I’m not used.  We always started school after Labor Day and ended somewhere around the third week in June.  I had always known that there were places that started in August and ended in May but that just wasn’t a school year to me.

Something else that has thrown me is that the hottest part of the day here is between 2 and 4 pm.  Back east, you hit the hottest part at around noon.  So when I go outside here at noon, and then again around 4, and it’s a lot warmer later in the day, it’s just not normal.

Finally, the fact that the recreational baseball season doesn’t start until June really threw me for a loop.  Back east, my friends’ kids are already well into their season. We had our first practice yesterday, and the first game is June 1.

Well that’s all I have this time around.  Maybe next time I post, which will be when we’ve been here a year, I’ll have stopped coming up with things that surprise me.  But I doubt it.

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