Looking for something to do on a rainy day in Fort Collins?  Recently after a few rainy days my kids and I were itching to get out of the house.  My husband was working so I was looking for something where I could easily handle the kids alone.   There aren’t many things do in this town that are indoors.  The 101 things to do in Fort Collins insert that was in the Coloradoan lists a place called Fit For Fun on S. Mason, but some digging determined they closed down last year.  Too bad too, it looked like a great place and nice and close.

After debating bowling (my 3 year old gets bored and he’s hard to wrangle alone), the movies (ditto on the 3 year old), Chuck E. Cheese (ugh), and the mall (uh, no), I decided on a bounce house place.  I knew there was one in Centerra, but then I found Bounce! which is located at 1020 S. Lincoln Ave in Loveland.  It’s about a 15 minute drive from my house in southwest Fort Collins.

When you first enter Bounce!, you’re met by a front desk.  To the left are shoe cubbies, to the right are tables and chairs for parents to relax and for the kids to have a snack.  Socks are required but they sell them if you forget, at a reasonable price – 50 cents for kids and 1 dollar for adults.  They also sell concessions for a reasonable price.  I paid $2 for a bottle of water and 2 bags of chips.  Soda, Capri Sun and fruit juice are also available for purchase.  Coffee is provided for free, another nice touch.  It would have been nicer if they weren’t out of creamer though.  There are magazines available and free wireless for those who can’t be unconnected.

Bounce! has several different bounce structures.  There are 2 giant slides, a 2-lane obstacle course, 2 traditional bounce houses and 2 that are bounce houses with a slide.  Some of the larger bouncers provided step stools for the little ones, which my 3 year old took frequent advantage of.  There’s also a toddler area, which is one of my favorite things at Bounce!  Most of these places are geared for older kids, and the younger ones have nothing to do.  The toddler area has its own things for kids to bounce on, plus activity gyms, bouncy seats, a small slide and a pretend kitchen.  My 6 year old was too big for this area but the 3 year old went in there a few times.

Bounce! also hosts birthday parties.  The parties are in the rear of the building.  Each party has a table and cubbies for shoe storage, which serve as dividers between parties.  I’ve both hosted and attended parties at indoor play places such as this and have to say I prefer having a private room for pizza and cake.  The noise level is pretty high in Bounce!, so adults can’t have a decent conversation.  The kids would be less likely to sit and eat with the bounce houses in view, and in some cases, almost in reach.  I debated holding my almost 7 year old’s birthday party at Bounce! but after seeing the party area have decided against it.

Prices and hours are available on the Bounce! website.  One thing that’s not mentioned is you can get a frequent bouncer card, and the 9th admission is free.  You can take the card or leave it at Bounce! which I liked since I tend to lose those type of cards.  The website also has a coupon for $1 off the $8 admission.

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