City Park Pool

On Sunday we headed up to City Park Pool.  We’ve lived here almost a year and this was our first time to City Park.  Having a community pool a half mile from our house has meant we haven’t made the drive up to City Park, but today we decided it was time for something new.

City Park Pool is a great little pool.  It’s sort of a mini water park, with 2 3-story water slides, a lazy river and a toddler play area, complete with its own slide.  The pool is 0-grade entry, which is awesome for the little ones who don’t swim yet, and also a nice easy way to enter a pool.  City Park Pool is nice and warm so even on a cooler day, with rain sprinkling over us, the water felt comfortable.

The water slides are definitely one of the highlights.  Signs show the slides are restricted to kids who are 48″ and at least 8 years old.  My son was there on a day camp field trip and the kids who did not reach the 48″ mark were able to take a swim test during the swim break, though today he measured over 48″ so was allowed on the slides without a test.  The slides empty out into a 3’6″ pool, which quickly inclines to 3′. The yellow slide is a 30 foot straight drop and the orange one is curly and lots of fun.

The lazy river is always lots of fun, it has 2 sizes of tubes – smaller blue ones intended for one person and larger yellow ones that are perfect for taking a small child into the river.  After the halfway point in the river there’s a split, if you want to get hit by 3 jets you go left, if you want to stay somewhat dry, you go right.  The lazy river is one of the smaller ones I’ve been in but that doesn’t make them less fun or relaxing.  I can’t find an exact number but it appears to be about 200 feet per lap.

There’s a well-stock concession stand with reasonable prices, locker rooms include showers and a large changing area, and there’s a separate area for birthday parties.  There’s a small grassy area that I can see filling quickly on a hot day,

Single admission is $6 for adults 18-54 and $5 for kids 2-17 and seniors 55-84.  The website states admission is $4 after 4:30 but signs at the pool showed 4:00 as the $4 price time.  The pool is open from 10 to 8, Mon-Fri, and 10 to 5:30, Sat and Sun.  It closes for the season on August 15 and is open 10 to 3 on that day.

For more details on the pool, including prices for 10- and 25-admission passes, information on refunds and weather closures, and special events, visit the pool website.

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