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Review: Scrubbing Bubbles® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

I hate cleaning the bathroom. It’s the chore I put off to last, and the day my husband agreed he would clean the bathrooms was the day I loved him the most. I dust, do all of the laundry and … Continue reading

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Energizer SmartCharger

As parents of 2 boys, we go through batteries like crazy in this house.  Fortunately as the boys have grown bigger their toys have gotten smaller, reducing the size of the batteries, so we’re not blowing through C and D … Continue reading

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Review: Herman T’s BBQ Sauce

In the 1950’s Herman T. Jones came up with what he believed was the perfect recipe for BBQ sauce.  30 years later his grandson recreated the recipe and mass-marketed it for production, and Herman T’s BBQ Sauce was born. Family … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events

One of the things I wanted this blog to be when I first started it was a place for people to find things to do.  The Coloradoan always has things going on in the next 3 days, and there are … Continue reading

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Giveaway: CSN Stores

This week marks the one year anniversary of my family moving from New Jersey to Fort Collins.  I remember that crazy week like it was yesterday – arriving in the Fort on Sunday, closing on our house on Tuesday, moving … Continue reading

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