Energizer SmartCharger

As parents of 2 boys, we go through batteries like crazy in this house.  Fortunately as the boys have grown bigger their toys have gotten smaller, reducing the size of the batteries, so we’re not blowing through C and D like we did when we had to power infant swings and bouncy seats.  So now our biggest battery-sucks are the Wii remotes and the Leapster.  So a while ago I saw a deal on Woot! for an Energizer charger that came with a 4-pack of AA batteries for $9.99.  Obviously I couldn’t pass that deal up.

Recently we bought another 4-pack of batteries as the old ones do seem to not be holding a charge as long as they used to.  Just today the 7 year old had to change out the Wii remote batteries.

So when Kailani at An Island Life posted an opportunity to receive a new Energizer Smart Charger, plus a $15 Target gift card, I knew I had to get in on this deal.

Check out the features on the Smart Charger:

  • Slow charge rate prevents damage to battery during charging and extends number of life cycles
  • Large LCD Screen displays charging progress via a countdown clock and fuel gauge
  • Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • ENERGY STAR-certified
  • Disposable and bad battery detector

Everything about this appeals to me.  The countdown clock and disposable and bad battery detector are things every charger should have.   And of course ENERGY STAR-certified is important in this day of green living.  Plus the design is pretty cool too.

Thanks to Kailani and Energizer for this great opportunity!

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