Summer Fun in the Fort: the rodeo

As summer approaches its end and fall weather moves in, I thought I’d recap some of the things we did and didn’t do this summer.  Rather then shove it all into one post, I’ll do it as a series of posts.  Part one is about the rodeo.

Being a new resident of Colorado one thing I really wanted to do this summer was go to a rodeo.  I figured between the Greeley Stampede, Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Larimer County Fair, there was a pretty good chance we’d get to the rodeo.

Our first attempt was the Greeley Stampede, obviously because it took place first.  I left work early, the kids stayed home from camp, but we didn’t make it to Greeley until after the rodeo had started.  We were also starving so had to eat, and since it was a Friday afternoon the place was empty, which meant the kids were able to go on a ton of rides.  So we never made it into the rodeo.  In hindsight, we still could have gone, not realizing it would go on for a few hours.  We did go into the art museum (so fun with 2 rambunctious boys), the boys bounced in bounce houses, we took a stroll through the booths to see what people were selling.  And the boys rode a ton of rides.

When Cheyenne Frontier Days rolled around, this time I was determined to get to the rodeo.  We headed up there on the last Saturday of the event so it was a lot more crowded than Greeley.  The overflow lot on I-25 was closed, and the two lots near the fair grounds were also full.  We did manage to find a spot over by the mini golf place and it was free which is always a good thing.  Fortunately it was only a short walk to the fair grounds.  We purchased tickets in the general admission area, since the kids were free and it was the cheapest seats.  We watched the events for about an hour, then headed out to ride some rides and get a snack.  We returned to the arena for the last half hour or so of the event.  It was an eventful day to be at the rodeo – a horse rolled over a rider, a bull broke its leg and a rider got stomped by a bull.  My favorite part of the day was definitely the wild horses race at the end – hilarious.

We did also get to the Larimer County Fair, but did not see any of the rodeo events.  My husband was more interested in the Gnarly Barley Brew Fest, and the kids of course were all about the rides.  We did get to see the Splash Dogs a few times and caught the tail end of the pig races.  We just missed the kids rodeo and left before the regular rodeo events began.

I think the way we visited each of these events worked out well.  I don’t know that we’ll go back to Greeley next year, but I look forward to visiting CFD again as well as the County Fair.

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