Summer Fun in the Fort: festivals

As the cooler weather moves in and summer comes to an end – although after the 90 degree weather today, I wonder when that will happen – I looked back on all we did this summer.  And I didn’t write about most of it.  So here’s a rundown on the events in Fort Collins and Loveland that we attended during the last few months.

Cinco de Mayo in Civic Center Park – the Cinco de Mayo celebration, honoring Mexico’s independence from Spain, took place on Mother’s Day.  We ate some snacks; my husband and I had burritos but we couldn’t convince the kids to eat anything other than hot dogs, even though both of them love tacos.  We listened to some Mexican music, the kids bounced in the bounce houses, and we walked through the vendors.

Taste of Fort Collins – the Taste brings back memories for my husband and me as it was going on the weekend we were here looking at houses, just over a year ago.  One of the biggest complaints about this event is the lack of local restaurants and I wholeheartedly agree with this.  Not that this will stop us from going again next year.

4th of July in Loveland – I wrote about our day over on Enjoy Fort Collins.

New West Fest – this also brings back memories, as we were living here for about 2 weeks last year and it was our first festival, and possibly our first foray to Old Town as residents.  We didn’t know much about the festival and I remember spending most of the day in the kids area by the Children’s Museum.  Unfortunately this year we went after the kids area closed but we still enjoyed the music, food and vendors.  It was a lot bigger this year than I remember from last year but again that could have been our newness to the whole thing.  Next year I’ll pay better attention to some of the musical acts and make a more concerted effort to actually see some of the bands, rather than listening as we walk by.  The kids did get to see the magician in Old Town Square as we were headed to the car.

Corn Roast Festival in Loveland – we rode in the parade with the Cub Scouts (one of many Scout floats), then wandered around the festival itself.  We someone missed actually eating any of the corn, and I’m not quite sure how that happened.  We walked through the vendor tents, ate some festival food, the kids played on the playground.  They were disappointed in the lack of rides but it was fine with me, less money down the drain.  Next year, we will eat some corn.

Grant Family Farms Harvestival – this is our first year in the CSA with Grant and I’ve been wanting to get up there, so this was the perfect opportunity.  After pounding the pavement with my Cub Scout, selling popcorn, we drove up to the Lyric and waited for the bus.  Unfortunately we had poor timing as we got there at 4:25 and the bus didn’t arrive until 5.  If we’d driven, we would have been there already.  Good to know for next year.  Of course my kids loved riding in the “beautiful” painted and bumpy bus.  We ate some Grant Farms grill food, listened to Judy Collins and the kids played in what was left of the kids area.  We were grateful for the free tickets thanks to being CSA members and definitely plan to get to the farm earlier next year.

I know there are other festivals coming up, I’m hoping to get to some of them but we’ll see.

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