Something From the Farm

Last weekend we headed to Something From the Farm.  Located on Greenstone Trail, near the intersections of Carpenter and Timberline, it’s a quick drive from our house in southwest Fort Collins. My husband found a coupon in one of those coupon packs that come in the mail, for buy 2 get 1 free, and $2 off.  The 3 year old was free.

We first headed to the medium-sized corn maze, which was at first just a corn trail, but it did start splitting off and there were some forks that were tricky.  Next the 3 year old wanted to go on the hay ride, and on the way there we got to watch the trebuchet throw a pumpkin.  It went a lot farther than I expected it and the kids were amazed.  While we were on the hay ride, the 7 year old was in the hayground.  We attempted the large maze, but it’s only open at night for the haunted maze, which was disappointing.  We went back to go through the small maze and then called it a day.  Since we already had pumpkins we didn’t need to visit the patch, though the hay ride looped around it and we saw people picking out their future jack-o-lanterns.  They also had smaller gourds, hay bales and corn stalks for sale.  I had hoped for some apple cider but the snack truck did not have any.

Last year we went to the Northern Colorado Corn Maze over on county road 5 and while it was a bitter cold, miserable day, I remember the maze being much better than the one at Something From the Farm.  The corn was thicker and taller – harder to cut through and see over – and we took several wrong turns trying to find our way out.  They also had a bounce house and petting zoo.

Something From the Farm was good for what it was – a fun place to spend an hour or so close to home.  But if you’re looking for a really good corn maze I recommend the NoCo Corn Maze.  NoCo Corn Maze is also open Sunday morning, which SFTF is not (probably due to the church that stands right next to it). Both websites offer coupons to help cut costs.

Maybe next year we’ll head up to Harvest Farm in Wellington.

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2 Responses to Something From the Farm

  1. Sam says:

    Decent experience. Absolutely horrible prices! $10 for adults and $7 for kids just to walk in. I spent $30 on 2 pumpkins and stopped at Wal-Mart to pick something up 1 hour later and saw the same size pumpkins for $3.88 each! The corn maze was cool, the hay ride was a bust, and the food was also horribly priced. Will never go again, I reccomend the patch out by Budweiser. You can get 8 large pumpkins and some smaller gourds and pumpkins for $40. No admission fee

    • Nancy says:

      Their prices are high, I think they went up this year. They do have $2 off coupons on their website. The BBQ was new this year, in the past they’ve had just hot dogs and chips. They also didn’t have the trebuchet this year, which is always cool to see, and they changed the layout of the hay ride and patch this year. Definitely not the same fun experience as it’s been in the past, though the corn maze is a good one. Good to know about the one by Budweiser.

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